Sunday, February 7, 2010

and see from tampa bay to juno.

the heat went out at our house..
the landlord brought over a ton of space heaters... and so it's livable for now.

i should be asleep right now.
I'm actually feeling sleepy as i type this.. seeing as i get up in four hours.
I most likely should act on this feeling of sleepy-ness.

I found my old church has a website full of sermons.
Mars Hill church.


I also found out that I really hate taking adderal.
I also found out I love the song Love lost by temper trap.

im also doing horrible in french.

awesome in math. (thanks frank kluken.!)

I'm also realizing that I get to visit alaska soon. and I need to do a lot of work before that happens.

This was pointless. i realize.


  1. I realize that you are sleepy and cold. I also just realized you are learning french. Do YOU realize how much I miss you? I also realize this was not pointless. <3

  2. I miss you. it's true.

    summer will be soon :)