Sunday, January 17, 2010

church, snow...and God is funny.

God really has some sort of sense of humor or just timing sometimes is too perfect.

I'm half awake half asleep
watching the snow fall on my car.
I cleaned out more things from my room.. found an old prayer that I wrote down.
very old.. I think I wrote it in Katie Alessi's bed one night after talking about love for 10 hours..
It was my letter to God about a Husband, what I wanted what i needed and what would be awesome if he could add it on..
that list hasn't changed.
He needs to be kind, loving, quite but talkative.. nerdish.. dependable, intellectual ect ect. I won't list them all.
MOST importantly Love God, Kids and dogs.

I figured I'd have more to add and I thought about it... it's still the same list.

I love watching snow fall it's so peaceful and reminds me of God.
the feeling of each flake gently touching (or not so gently in alaska.) my skin like little reminders of how awesome and amazing God is.
Today in church the quite guy was giving his first sermon. he stuttered and stumbled but his message was loud and clear to me.. I am the Child of God, I need to take on his yoke. something which I struggle with...the word Yoke... and here this scared guy, finally breaking it down in the clearest form I could imagine.
Yoke...Ox... it all started to fall into place.. After church I thanked him and introduced myself. Left, and wanted more...
Today I cleaned more, filled out papers, read the Blue like jazz and.... in his chapter about romance and dating, which I will quote later... he talks about my college I'm currently at.. and I couldn't stop laughing. i'll dive into this when I'm awake..

God has really shown me his humor today...


Did I mention for valentines day I'm going on a women's retreat? Who knew I'd spend the most romantic day with the best date of all?
God... I feel like i'm falling back in love with God all over again!

Ps. I think I'm going to join up with a group of new found friends in their home church! I think that would be a good transitional.. WAIT WAIT WAIT
YIPPY! skippy!

Did I mention my Advisor thinks I'm making a great move?
also.. i'm so so so tired in this moment..... but I've found my psychoanalytic soul mate!
we talked for hooourrs about Lacan...
This week is going to be a good week. I can feel it.

I listened to Mae today.. does anyone remember them?
I just wanna wake up in someone else's arms used to be one of my favorites... anyways. GOODNIGHT.

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