Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Medical Missions, Music and good beer.

Today I went to the doctor..and found out that she is a christian and we talked about God and... man it felt good to connect with her.
I have always loved her, but we talked about how our campus is so extremely anti-God and how it's been really hard to "come out" of the closet at time but that this year was my year to shine his light.
We talked about my church and how she things it looks really rad..(which it is.!)

Basically It's been on my heart that I know someday I need to have my own medical missions (with others) to offer free psychological help, but team up with doctors and have a small clinic. i haven't decided if i was it to be only america.. I guess God will tell me that in due time..

Last night.. I found out about Cochella and the amazing line up.
and how my friend's band is playing and pretty darn sure getting some passes!!! for me and (possibly) three amazing friends.
Jamie and Black are down!
Yesterday was such an odd day, I had all of the phone interviews and my phone is now messed up... I had work (Which was amazing!!!) I got this amazingly heartfelt personal i cantbeleve she remembered I collected old keys... christmas gift from blybee (before she left to russia! :(..)
all the while the insane political race is going on and people are yelling and freaking out about Brown being ahead..
I find out about cohella during a committee meeting (which is going horrible and its mostly judicial..) because apparently due to the fact that we didn't approve funding (which we did..) ahh never mind its long and stupid.
and in that moment I just needed to get out of the room and dance for joy!

Which I did later and had a beer, sat down and told them the great news.

I barely slept last night, my blood was pumping,I was praying and getting excited about all sorts of things from the concert to school to moving...
I still have no idea what state and it very well might come down to money...

But this summer i won't know the answers until jan. (since i'm transferring at a weird time!)
I'll be skimming around the west coast and alaska.

now that excites me.

okay I'm not dressed and neeed to leave the house in 9...8..7....6...

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  1. you and your God. I'm in quite an agnostic state in my life... not sure if I will be smitten for resistance or praised for truly questioning myself if I believe. Although being raised Catholic I am supposed to believe that I will be smitten. no matter what. all the time, for everything i do or don't do... maybe that's why I don't believe in God, because 'my' God is supposed to be a cruel punishing God rather than a loving supportive God.

    that's enough ramblings. Dunno what Cochella is, I guess I'm off to research some more of what goes on in your life ;) <3