Friday, January 8, 2010

I can't sleep so I'm doing this.

I really should be sound asleep.. since i'm getting up at 6 am.
I'm a sucker for a good estate sale... funny how i'm getting rid of crap, but camping gear is something i can't get enough of.
My drive across the states is going to consist of some real camping out of subee my outback baby.
(Yeah it's a subaru)

I've wanted to do this for awhile and I feel as if this going to make me fall asleep.
Listing some of my favorite songs, even the one's I'm ashamed of.

1. The unwinding Cable car by Anberlin. (Great show!) i was going through my old phone rings trying to delate some.. and I used to have this one for around a good year. I forgot how amazing of a song it is. Dismantle Repair also is good. ( I am the patron saint of lost causes)
2. Mike Mills by Air. I can't tell you how many times i've played that song on the top of a mountain.
3. Sometime around Midnight - The airborne toxic event. I saw these dudes at a thing for NPR... It was quite magical, because at the time that song was what i needed.
4. River by Akron/Family... That song has described so many relationships (both romantic and not) in my life.
5. Thank you by Alanis Morrisette. Thanks Kyleah for getting me into that song.. " how about getting off of these antibiotics? " okay. the whole thing is good.
6. Aaron and Maria by American Analog set- love is enough.
7. Dokkoise House by Anathallo. It was a marlboro song, the tough times.
8. Measuring Cups by andrew bird.
9. Okay, I'm a huge Animal Collective Fan... some freaking amazing shows... AHH! But Summertime Clothes, Brother sport and My Girls (which... makes me want to marry him....) and Grass. Sorry each animal collective album as played a certain role in my life.. it's soo hard to pick one song.
10. Favorite Dream by Annalisa.
11. No cars go/my heart is an apple by arcade fire.
12. I have to put one Architecture in Helsinki song.. just for the good-times we all had. Do the whirlwind
13. Birds of Dub by Architeq. Good dubstep track.
14. Walkabout (feat. Panda bear) by Atlas Sound
15. Moon river by audrey hepburn... I was a little girl once.
16. I can't believe this, but that song Boston.... my augastana. yeah.. helped my move to the east coast.. ashamed.
17. If you fall by azura ray... Man I fall in love with.. I'll sing this to you.
18. No one's gonna love you like I do by Band of horses.. tied with the funeral.
19. Wouldn't it be nice? Beach boys.
20. Wedding Bell by Beach house.
21. Two of us- the beatles.
22. Black Tambourine - Beck.. Okay he was amazing life at gorge.
23. Dress up in you by Belle and Sebastian. This is my and kyleah's song.. how i got my nick name Second Skin.
24. The luckiest by Ben folds.
25. When ben Gibby Covered Complicated by avril lavigne . I have recorded proof. best day of my life.
26.Halo by Beyonce. hate me... i know.
27. Dominos by The Big Pink.
28. F*cking Boyfriend by The Bird and the Bee. It's pretty accurate to how I've felt about relational situations. annnd.. she has a beautiful voice. I just don't have the nerve to ever ask a guy out.
29. parentheses by the blow. " when your holding me we make a pair of parentheses...i know i'll be safe in these arms..." I LOVE GRAMMAR HUMOR. It's so corny-cute!
30. North by Northwest by BlueScholars. I love political rap.. it's true. all about seattle and the "acute two-o-sixness.."
31. So i'm just putting "bob dylan" (Visions of johanna..tangled up in blue...blowin in the wind..)
32. Enamel by brave saint saturn. Yes.. perfect break up song.
and Estella for zac.." he fought to stay but always dreamed that he could leave this place.. the angels wings will cover you tonight Hallelujah press your head against the breast of Christ"
33. I had a real problem with Bright eyes, so a favorite song is impossible. Top are: Landlocked Blues, First day of my life (C'mon.. I'm a sucker for romance!), June on the west coast.. sunrise, sunset.
34. Sit Still by Brightwood. I wish someone would sing this to me.

I'm falling asleep at the keyboard. I'll come back to this.

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